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Get organised:

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

I waste most of my time when I can’t get focussed. When interruptions take away my train of thought. When I realise that I haven’t got all the stuff I need, or the answers to those big questions I’ve been asking. Step one has always got to be: getting organised. When making 3D models, don’t assume that your conscious brain will answer all the questions. Don’t assume that you will always know what familiar things actually look like. And have a tape measure beside you.

Start with a collection of reference objects. Real objects are good and photos are okay too. If you can hold it in your hands then you will have a better chance to see the detail. If not, Google it, and collect together a half dozen references. Then get into the zone. Turn off your phone. Shut the door. Surround yourself with the subject and the mood. Play some music that gives you the vibe. Check your list. Go …

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