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3D Visualisation Services

3d images are now part of everyday life. What separates Rod Cleasby from the crowd, is the simply his amount of experience in the industry. Coming from a design background, he understands how thinks work.  
Sometimes you can’t even tell where 3d starts and reality stops. That’s the way it should be.
These images can be used to inspire and inform, or simply entertain. We pride ourselves in attention to detail and to being the best we can be.

Interior Design Visuals

Crisp and Clean

We love to bring ideas to life, adding style and substance to your vision. Our depth of experience means we speak the same language. Together we can give your projects a life of their own. We’re going to make a great team.

Architectural Visuals

Accurate and Detailed

Who wants to wait ‘til the end of the 12-month project to see what was in the Architects mind? Me neither. And these visuals mean that you can make changes before the builder gets on site, saving you serious time and money.

Anything you can imagine

Wild and Wonderful

The world is full of innovation. And yours can be too. Your ideas can come to life without the need to spend eye watering RND budgets and avoid inevitable delays, that miss marketing deadlines. Seize the moment.

3D Visuals: Services
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