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Tell a Story:

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Pictures with no purpose are boring. It’s like a jumble of words that, individually, may be found in everyday language, but simply shaken out across the page with no structure, have no real meaning, no message. What is the purpose of your picture? What are you trying to say? Take a tip from advertisers who will identify their target audience first, before dreaming up the commercial or billboard. Elements of the advert will speak subconsciously to the viewer, and connect with the intended customer. The objects, the colours, the mood, the story.

Getting all of that into your composition may sound a tall order, but you just need to write a list. Who are you appealing to? What is their age? Their economic position? What environment will speak loudly to them? What memories can you evoke? What can you include that will make them think, “Yup, I’d like to be there, have that, do that, experience that for myself?” Write down an object, or two, against each item in your list. Ask yourself what time of day it this? Is this location supposed to be busy or calm? Lit by day or by night? By sun or by moon? Now you have a reason and the beginnings of a story.

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