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Too good to be true:

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

There is one great big pitfall that all 3D artists must avoid: Our own perception of reality. In other words, your imagination, that simplifies and makes perfect. A product photographer might devote their time to making the object look perfect, but the photo will contain a million imperfections that are almost invisible. On the other hand, the 3D artist can all too easily make a perfect surface, a pure colour, a wonderfully shiny metal, a clean image. But perfection is not reality.

Our job, as an artist, is to speak to our hearts and our subconscious minds. The image must not scream CGi. We need to play a game or real or render. Go the extra mile and add the imperfect. Just a smidge. We need to be subtle about it. Foot prints in the carpet. Brush marks in the paint. Wrinkles in the fabric. Don’t get misled by CAD that screams straight, perfect, identical. All this does not exist in nature and even in our man-made world. Just look around you to see the imperfect, and include that.

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