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Oak Floorboards

Oak Floorboards


New oak floor boards, cut from english oak, and planked in a random pattern. This material includes a number of maps to make this comprehensive material. Bump map alternatives can reduce or exagerate the grain. Multiple texture maps can be used together to produce a number of results. Supplied in the usual format: Diffuse, Bump, Normal, Spec, Roughness, and Diff Rough. Some maps are interchangeable, eg Diffuse and Albedo. eg Normal and Normal Smooth.


    Includes multiple texture maps. These may be used together or separately to produce the desired result. Supplied in the standard Max formats: eg. Diffuse, Bump, Normal, Roughness, or Diff Rough. Some maps are interchangeable, eg. Diffuse and Albedo.


    We are so confident in our high-quality 3D textures that we expect you will be delighted to get on and use your new 3D materials right away. But if you feel disappointed in any way, just speak to us and we will resolve it, be it more support, extra detail, or a refund. We are committed to providing the best you can get in this genre.

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Rod Cleasby - 3D Visuals, training, vray course, sketchup course, 3ds Max course, arnold course, autocad course, photoshop course.

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